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pan of asparagusSweet Basil’s Catering began with the urging of a long time friend in 2005 who insisted that Renee help her throw a backyard engagement party. The business bloomed from there.  Having been in the hospitality industry all of her life, catering was a perfect fit.  “I fell in love with weddings.  I adore the brides and grooms and their love stories, the excitement of the day and the ability to help them express their style at the reception.” As her business grew, she eased into the restaurant world in 2007.   Her popular restaurants soon became known in the area for organic fine dining and evening entertainment, but Renee was not prepared to allow her passion for catering large events fall to the wayside.  “The restaurants were amazing, but they pulled me away from my true passion and I found that life is about doing what you really love.”  So Sweet Basil’s went back to their roots and focused on catering special events.

 Located at 12-I Wendy Court, Sweet Basil’s Catering kitchen is a place where Renee  and her staff can work their magic, creating natural, elegant menus for any size event.  “I love having the time and space to find new ideas to work with my brides and help them host the wedding reception of their dreams.” says Schroeder.  Though the catering space does not provide a meeting hall for events, Sweet Basil’s Catering will travel and cater to any venue, whether it is a private home, wedding venue, business or meeting hall.

Many Greensboro residents had never heard of the Slow Food Movement or “locavore” eating style before Sweet Basil’s entered the scene in 2007.  Since that time, the demand for green events and weddings has grown.  Renee and her Chef are determined to bring the same local, organic focus to their catering events that they had in the restaurants.  Past Sweet Basil’s catering clients have sought out the farm-fresh menus that Basil’s catering kitchen now offers on a larger scale.   “People want to know what they are eating and where it comes from.” Schroeder says, “Being part of the Slow Foods Movement and taking the risk of high food cost by utilizing local farms for ingredients has paid off and we can serve our guests with pride and know that they are receiving the utmost value for their catering budget.”

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